Exclusive Masterclass Reveals:
How we Turn One Dollar Into Two with Our Proprietary viral news income system
Note: This training has never been shared before. The results you can achieve are limitless.
  • Multiple seven figures in combined personal and client results.
  • Profit in as little as 5 days from now.
  • Works on complete autopilot once setup.
  • 100% ethical, simple method that’s repeatable & easy to scale.
  • Copy our exact templates, ads & shortcuts.
  • Compliant method, no black-hat involved and extremely long-term.
Imagine owning a business where you are not required to sell anything to create more than a full-time corporate level income. 

Better yet, imagine a business that requires no more than 3 hours per day to maintain and grow (yes, at max we spend 3 hours per day in our business).

Doesn’t really sound legit, does it?

Here’s the thing, after four years of building highly successful viral news businesses I have never been so sure that the approach we are now following is more long-term and lucrative than ever before.

If you have been following the craze, you’ve seen me and my students generate results like this before:

You’re thinking a few things at this point. 

1. Are these results real?
2. How are you generating money with AdSense?
3. Cool, but you can’t do this anymore. I’ve tried.
For starters, all it takes is one Google search for my name or my viral news brand, Madsense for you to see the insanity we have been cooking up over the past couple of years. 

Generating money with Google Adsense is nothing new to us, we’ve been at the frontline blowing up publisher accounts for more than 3 years now. 

With this new approach we are still crushing Google Adsense, but we have implemented another few networks to maximize the heck out of our profits.

And for the doubters, eat this…
It all started with a simple publisher loophole that most people had completely forgotten about, and others simply never knew of.
A method that didn’t require: 

• The time and expense of figuring out the
daunting world of SEO

• Locating and creating backlinks,
then hoping for traffic

• Waiting over 30 days to see small revenues – I’m talking 24 hours from start to profit with this proprietary system.

I can’t lie to you however. Since 2 years ago a lot has changed. So we’ve now completely re-designed this winning method after multiple 5 figures in new testing… And are holding a LIVE training to share it all with you. 

As you can see we’re still crushing it like never before, only thing is now we have applied a safety net around our business.

What do you mean by this Abdullah?

Let me ask you a question, have you ever racked up big revenues inside a publisher account and days before getting paid, you were shut down for invalid activity?

Well I’ve had 2 accounts shut down days before being paid out over $40,000 – no cap seriously.

With the Native Publisher model we have expanded the networks we play with and increased the sites we publish from ultimately reducing our risks, growing our assets and maximizing our profits.

As you can see, in the past few years we have shocked both beginners and experts by reinventing publisher networks for life changing profits… with automated cash cows that generate income while you sleep.
This system is easier, more profitable and evergreen than ever before… And even more individuals are making money with it! 
Now I know talk is cheap, results are what counts.
We’re averaging $10k /month on 3 hours per day
and it’s only growing every single month!
The key is running multiple sites and multiple publisher accounts
(we have over 10 sites at this point - in this video Abdulla shares a few)
Are you ready to do the same and start earning
real automated, passive income? Grab your ticket today!
Hey there, I’m Abdullah Ashraf on behalf of my partner whose name also happens to be Abdulla and the entire Native Publisher team.

What I’m revealing today has the potential to drastically change your income, provide you life freedom and allow you to spend more time doing the things you love.

We discovered a new, legal way to build automated viral news income streams that no longer require expensive software, big budgets or dodgy ad networks… And actually turnover mind-blowing profits  in very short periods of time..

For as little as $10 per viral campaign, you can start seeing payments from Google in your bank account!
Since 2016, everyone thought making money with viral news was no longer a thing... Except for the publishers doing it themselves. (well duh...)

I hate to say it but I happened to be one of them publishers. Not as if I was doing magic, happened to be extremely smart or had access to huge resources.

Nothing like that. 

I simply looked at this business model from a different angle. 

People keep talking "arbitrage" but you'll find in my five years of running one of the biggest viral news education brands, I have never spoken the words arbitrage.

Whichever business I am in, my only focus is to provide the most value to my market and become successful doing so. 

Instead of running shabby, non-converting content, we developed a simple but unique method to automating an entire news production line with a barista wage. 

Anyways, I've never been one to listen to what people have to say about anything, or my ideas. If I believe in it, I'm doing it and I'm going all in. 
No danger for us, we’ve been cashing in since May 2015.
The real secret to profit in any business model is to go against the grain. So while people are getting banned from AdSense, Facebook and other platforms...

We’re swiping up their traffic and revenues.

Abdulla showed me a new, simple strategy that no longer depends on just AdSense, or crappy ad networks.

What’s beautiful is that it's so easy to implement and so damn lucrative.
I’m now talking a strategy
that does not require:
• A big budget
• Relying on SEO to turn a profit
• Taking painful risks
• Long and expensive content
• Driving traffic with Facebook ads
• Monetizing with just Google Adsense alone

Everything is covered in this new method that’s so simple, really anyone can follow along and generate a real income within 30 days or less. 

This Masterclass uncovers some of the greatest secrets of running successful viral news sites.
Success leaves clues and we are always
first to leverage these when it comes to viral news.
Most people still follow out-dated traffic and monetization methods such as SEO, setting up backlinks, using Fiverr to rank their sites and monetizing with simple banner ads. It just doesn’t work anymore and we are here to show you why.

And more importantly, how to successfully build a  legitimate viral news passive income that returns at least two dollars for every dollar you spend.

This is the only training on the market that reveals exactly what some of the biggest publishers are doing to generate Lamborghini money every month.

By implementing our proprietary viral income method, you can create a job replacing income stream within 60 days that doesn’t require experience, a big budget, difficult ad networks or more than 3 hours per day.

Let me welcome you to the...
“Viral news is back, more profitable, evergreen and easier than ever before!” 

Here’s an overview of what is revealed inside the Masterclass
 Our proprietary viral news methodology that no marketer has ever uncovered before and we perfectly designed through a whole year of hardcore testing worth six figures!
Step-by-step process we executed to generate over $120,000 in the past year and intend on using to generate over $250,000 in the next 12 months.

Exact tools and software we use to scope the hottest ads and content running within our niche that we can replicate to generate traffic & cash on demand.

DFY Campaign – you can literally copy and paste this campaign into your business to start generating profits as soon as you leave this web class.

Unique tracking system we use to manage over 10,000 creative and over 1,000 ad campaigns across several sites all under one platform (this is why we stay profitable comfortably and everyone else is struggling to keep their site running).

The highest converting ad-placements we have discovered after years and 6-figures worth of testing!

• How to generate half a million unique page views in the first month running your site gaining you approval to every publisher network that will make you highly profitable (no FB ads involved).

Our top 3 publisher networks that are allowing us to see up to 200% ROI on each of our sites, not combined.

• Why you never have to worry about losing a Google Adsense account again and how to create an account for every site you own .

Walkthrough: One of our sites that consistently gives us a 100% ROI for the past 6 months, the absolute ins and outs of that site and the ad campaigns that we have running 24/7.

LIVE ad campaign setups in our 2 hottest ad networks – this will include interest, geo, age targeting and ad creative!
I want you to understand WHY you need this new system
WHY it can change the course of your life.  
  •  Anyone can do this and get amazing results.
  • Viral news is an easy way to make passive income without selling anything, if you know what you’re doing.
  • Get started with a small budget, and more importantly with no previous experience.
  • No technical skills required at all, everything will be explained so well in the training so that you can get started as quickly as possible.
  • Unlimited potential, some of my family that we’ve set up with this business are already making mid 5-figures with it on the side.
  • Highly scalable and easily scalable – invest more as you earn more.
This Entire Training is Created with One Goal in Mind.

To Get You Setup with Your Own Legal and Profitable 
Viral News Business AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
So if I’m being honest, the realistic price I should have set on this training alone should be well over $500 (I've charged this countless times before for single phone calls.).

But I can’t do that. 

I’ve been watching the tens of thousands of customers that enrolled in my previous training over the years, now constantly struggle to revive their businesses and without an honest helping hand at this point, they will never succeed.  

Having been in the information space for over three years now and generating more income than I had ever imagined for myself at this age, I’d pick impact over income any day of the week. 

Therefore, I’m gonna make this training very reasonable so that whoever it concerns can get their hands on it aka you. 

But Why Would You Reveal Everything Inside Your  
‘Successful’ Viral News Business? 

What’s The Catch…?
The investment for this training was $179.95 when we first held it LIVE.

As the LIVE promotion is over now and the early birds got their head-start, we wanted to give you a financial head-start by discounting you the $79.95. Not only that, we want to provide you more value by giving you free access to our Crash Course (worth $49). 

The investment now to access the time-limited Masterclass is $80.95 less for just $99 today (because we don't like even numbers!)

The Ultimate Guarantee

Attend the training. Copy the campaigns. Customize it for your niche. 

If in the next three months, you generate a minimum of $1,000 profit as a direct result of implementing this, on your honor, you will write in to my support and pay me the additional $80.

Would you agree that if I could help you generate a minimum of at least $1,000 in the next 90 to 180 days from doing this, paying me an extra $80 is fair?

This will not be in writing, no contract, no legal binding. 

No reminder emails. Nothing. 
How's that for reasonable?
That’s how aware I am of the difference it will make in your life (when implemented). 

Don’t just take my word for it… there are countless of individuals who are willing to pay me thousands of dollars right now just to keep this a secret and share only with them.
So why would I do this?
Well, there are actually a few reasons…

1. I’ve been practicing the concept of impact over income for the past 18 months to show my service provider students what it takes to effectively serve a specific market (see results)

2. I get another one of my training into your hands, and when you see how amazing it is, it should get you wanting to buy even more stuff from me in the future. The more money I can make you now, the more likely you are to join my $12k Inner Circle Mastermind in the future.

3. I like to show off. There are so many gurus out there throwing numbers with no real proof or any substance in their words. A lot of stuff online nowadays is pure cow-poo and I believe I can give you the right outlook on viral news by showing you a real approach, with real proof that you can implement as soon as to start getting real results.

Why Now? 
This is a time-limited offer. The opportunity will eventually close in and sure right now we are far from that day as I've successfully been building news sites and coaching for the past four years, but we've sold a LOT of training this year.

There is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of…

This new proprietary approach of running a viral news business will soon be the industry norm. It will be a matter of time before every viral news marketer starts using this approach in their business (there’s 10s of thousands of them). As such, by being the first mover on this, it will give you that unfair advantage.

There is no better time to lock it in.

In case you’re wondering…
There is
NO Catch!
I know of some information providers that put a great deal upfront, but they then add some hidden continuity and bill you every month after.

This isn’t one of them.

No hidden continuity or anything like that.
When the tickets are gone, they are simply gone.

And to top it off there some invaluable surprise bonuses that you will find on the other side which I promise will never be made available to the public market unless they are live on this web-class. 
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